An article made entirely by hand

"I am a craftsperson. I become an artist when people look at what I do. "

Rhys Ifans 

Wear a handmade product

A leather article "speaks". He speaks because he shows you his health, he speaks because so many voices have served to make it an object that you can wear. The voices do not feel, but every single inch of that skin tells a story made of choices, work and passion. 

The beauty of a handmade article like the AV 900 is not just aesthetic. It is an intrinsic beauty, which is hidden in the folds of the skin, in the seam thread, in the wooden shape that gives emotion and scent of nature, in the words of the people who have contributed to give value to a project. 

The culture of handmade has, since the dawn of time, a symbol of good taste and culture. The one that allows you to evaluate, above all, a shoe as an accessory that will accompany life for a long time. Returning to the culture of waiting for the object because it is made with artisan logics and not in series, is a concept that Arsenale Veneto wants to make its own. Because from there comes the pleasure of waiting for an object that is made only for us. There is no thing more beautiful and pleasant to wear what gives emotion and exudes history from every angle. Choosing to wait in a world of "all at once" is a pleasant hallmark of those who give the right value at the time. Scanned by quality, craftsmanship and passion.