An authentic history

"Find out who you are and do not be afraid of it."

Mahatma Gandhi

We have based our history on the truth of a pride of our territory, that is the arsenal of venice. We immediately discovered what we wanted to be: authentic. And to be so, we have not looked at any kind of blockade. We simply felt proud to have a responsibility. 

The one to present ourselves with the values that animated the venice arsenal. Only the best, only crafts, only indomitable will to excel. Nothing more and nothing less. 

We have not stopped in front of the first storms, we have always had these values as a beacon and we have created a boat that supports us. Never equal to others, always consistent with ourselves. The philosophy "to give the best, we need the best", which starts from the choice of materials, to business partners, has animated these first years of our lives. We did it to give a different service, an important performance, in a world that seeks only the standard and not a vision beyond. AV 900 was created to be a different article, which does not accept compromises. Or like it or do not like it. Because a shoe is not above us, but with us. And it enhances our personality.