"Fashion changes, but style is forever."

Coco Chanel

When we reasoned on the AV 900, we had no doubts. It had to be born as a design object, indeed as an object of art and use. 

Like a good wine, we refined it in the laboratories of Italian artisans with whom we came into contact, finding passion and finding new technical knowledge at each step. We have used the Porsche 911 as a yardstick, a project that has gone undamaged through over 50 years of history, still defining it as an object of art and use. 

To pass 50 years and more of history means to know how to adapt to the historical moment, to emphasize every single element to find it perfectly at ease always and in any case. 

The form, for example .. The overall vision projects a very strong family feeling from the first to the last 911. When the product began to take the form we had set ourselves, we opted with so much courage, to make it OUR product ... Indeed, the only footwear product of Arsenale Veneto. That is, we have combined tradition, culture, design, durability, recognition and innovation. In a context, the footwear industry, where innovation seemed impossible. A single product, constantly evolving, to give our clientele a strongly iconic project and perfectly in line with our belief in reliability. To make it unassailable by passing fashions and to always adapt it to the final consumer.