Ideal outfit

"A man can not make a pair of shoes well unless he does it devoutly."

Thomas Carlyle

When we think of the shoe, we rarely contextualize it with our way of being. Usually it is foreign. In reality, the shoe represents much more than a dress.

 In a shoe we can see the story of a man that is written.

Because the shoe is the contact with the earth and at each step something stays attached to the sole and the sole remains attached to the ground. Imperceptibly, but a shoe is the story of life

We designed the AV 900 taking into account three important variables: time, history and nature

History is a concept in itself absolute or relative. The history of man does not always fit with the story of a man

Time is an element that marks a single moment or a whole life

The skin is the most natural barrier between the foot and the earth

AV 900 is life, it is freedom, it is travel, it is beauty.

Let's contextualize AV 900 with a casual, hipster mood. Beautiful worn on a flaming motorcycle, ready to follow our desire for freedom.

A beautiful cafe racer, the most exclusive and inviting way to wear a shoe that is free of any formalism

A pair of torn jeans, a beautiful checked shirt, with a beautiful leather vest. The engine turns, awaits the command of the gear, while we touch our leather jacket, marked by the sun and folds.

Let's start and imagine any journey along a journey ... Cities, milestones, nature and asphalt.

Contours that become vivid, every change of gear is a sigh, a pleasant breath of air ...

We live that moment with all the passion for mechanics and for life itself.

Not one of the many shoes, but the footwear that inebriates you, that lives with you your moments of leisure, beyond formalism and beyond fashion.

Every sign, every scratch is no longer an insult to beauty, but a wrinkle that unleashes memories. The more the AV 900 becomes old, the more it becomes interesting. Beyond the time...