Made in Italy

"To succeed means to be different from others"

Woody Allen 
(director, screenwriter, actor)

The thought of Woody Allen is our bread and butter. We did not design AV 900 to have a clear comparison. It is a shoe that has its own identity and we have strongly directed our energies so that this is real. 

The fact of being a single product and the fact of being a clear and strong example of made in Italy, has opened up a world to us. That is to believe in the beauty of the gestures of our craftsmen, do not let our strong tradition of shoemakers fall and introduce ourselves to the world with an authentic history. Or use our history, that of our ancestors, to write a new page of entrepreneurship that seeks in our crafts, the qualitative plus that the world expects, rightly, from our footwear. 

We believe in Made in Italy, we have made our own flag, we will continue to do so until there will be those who can appreciate the best and diversity.