The brand

"There will always be another opportunity, another friendship, another love, a new strength. For every end there is a new beginning."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Looking back, every story has its beginning. And we want to remember that beautiful summer evening, typically humid and silent in the province of Verona, in which around a table of a farm, a crazy idea was born: make a brand and make sure that this became a point of reference, since meeting had already been. 

A few sentences, many allusions and dreams that become within reach. That evening, the life of one entrepreneur took one way. That had to be, according to the rules already established at the table, innovative and ambitious. 

The search for a story that was real, inspirational, authentic and above all Italian. 

Venice Arsenal, or centuries of history, excellence, creativity, human value, research. All values that had already been decided. 

The first logo aimed directly into a broader Veneto adjective, which had to go to embrace a land and its history of work and success. 

The enthusiasm was the glue of a story already decided by destiny. Arsenale Veneto was born, to remember with the two axes, a history of naval excellence. 

The first product, wanted by Cristian himself, marketing manager for many years at a shoe factory in the area, was just a shoe. That was to be a real work of art, with all the trappings of construction aimed at a timeless design, of great duration ... In a few months the shoe was born, in the best way it was imagined.